Ready for 60601 3rd Edition with Redundant Air Bubble Sensor SONOCHECK ABD08

TaskRedundant air bubble sensor in compliance with 60601 3rd edition
SolutionUltrasonic air bubble sensor SONOCHECK ABD08 series
SensitivityDetection of bubbles > 1/3 of tube inner diameter
Size1.38” x 1.38” x 1.38” (35 x 35 x 35 mm)
PropertiesNon-invasive, bubble sensitivity adaptable by software
OptionsCustomizable (design, interfaces, features)


Manufacturer of medical devices have extremely high requirements regarding reliability and accuracy of sensors, especially if they are relevant to the health and safety of patients. As air bubbles getting into the blood circulation can lead to a gas embolism, the Food and Drug Administration in the US (FDA) requires special measures to ensure safety. One option, accepted by the FDA, is redundancy of the sensor. However, space in the devices is often limited, and the number of individual sensors, which have to be connected to the tubing, shall be minimized.


Ultrasonic bubble sensors ensure the best reliability for air bubble detection. The technology is independent of the color and transparency of tubes and liquids. However, integrating two sensors in a small housing leads to acoustic cross talk between the two channels. SONOTEC has solved this issue by a smart design, which duplicates not only the electronics, but even the crystals. This design provides full redundancy. Even the acoustic path is doubled and thus safe. 

Besides the redundant air bubble sensors of the ABD08 series, SONOTEC has developed other well established concepts to ensure the ultimate in security. “Our fail-safe sensors of the ABD05 series continuously perform a self-test without interrupting the sensors sensitivity for bubbles. Thus they detect and alarm not only a first fault of the sensor, but even a second fault. This fulfils the highest requirements of the certifying authorities worldwide”, said Peter Ködderitzsch, Sales Manager for Medical Devices and Laboratory Technologies at SONOTEC.


This schematic figure shows the principle components of a fully redundant ultrasonic air bubble sensor of the ABD08 family.

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